Townhome FAQs

 Some frequently asked topics and questions for Townhome owners/residets are listed here. If you can't find the question/answer you are looking for on this page, contact us for more information.
The landscapers' normal schedule for maintenance in the Towhnhome area is Mondays and Tuesdays. However this can change on occasion due to extenuating circumstances such as inclement weather. As our community is quite large it can take up to two full days or more to complete their services.  In addition, please remove any non-landscaped items which may interfere with their maintenance and be mindful that the landscapers cannot edge the grass along the parking lot if cars are overlapping the edge.

Mail is delivered to locked curbside mailboxes. Access is granted via key and each unit is designated one mail slot.  If the previous owner did not leave the mailbox key, it is up to the new owner to contact a locksmith to obtain a new key. 

The HOA is responsible for addressing repairs to the roof, gutters, siding. This does not includes windows doors.  Exterior pest control & power washing of the exterior siding is also maintained by the HOA.  

Trash & Recycling
Trash is picked up weekly on Mondays with Recycling picked up every other Monday. For more information on what can be recycled visit the Mecklenburg County Wipe Out Waste guide located here.

Parking spaces are assigned per townhome unit size. 1 and 2 bedrooms have 1 parking spot and 3 and 4 bedrooms have 2 parking spots.   

Satellite Dishes
Satellite dishes should be installed on the storage room door. According to Policy Resolution #4,  any satellite dish, antenna, or other piece of equipment installed on the roof or siding that caused a leak or any other damage, will be the maintenance responsibility of the owner and not the Association. 


Townhome unit exteriors are powerwashed every three years with more frequent cleanings to remove mold/mildew when necessary. Power washers will use the exterior spigot of each individual home. 

Exterior Water
  • Each townhome's water usage from the outdoor spigot is the responsbility of the howemowner.
  • All exterior townhome areas are irrigated by the HOA. 
Fences are not allow to be installed in the townhome area. 
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